I have had many massages in my life, some excellent, but, without question, Michael is the most skilled massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  He is great both for dealing with aches and pains and also for deep relaxation. I can't recommend him highly enough. He is also a lovely and soothing person to be around, and I always feel incredibly peaceful spending time with him. -- Becky M. (Amherst, MA)

I feel like I have a new back! -- Maggie F. (Ludlow, MA)

Michael is "Five Stars Plus"  in terms of massage therapy.   I do a lot of work on the computer and a fair amount of travel.  I've tried a few therapists and he is by far the best.  Michael is great in restoring neck, shoulders and back flexibility, impressive education and training yet comes across as low-key. Easy to schedule appointments, great parking, convenient location too. --Mary S. (Amherst, MA)

The best bodywork in New England.  No question about it.  There is one small problem....once you try this therapy, you will never be able to live without it! --Jack R. (Boston, MA)

Michael gives the BEST massages!!  I recommend him to everyone I know.  He's a fabulous practitioner and creates a wonderfully relaxed environment.  I have frequent pain in my neck, and he always manages to make it go away! --Jennifer R. (Leverett, MA)

I've had many massages over the years.  Michael's are the best.  Not just the best in the valley.  They're the best massages I've ever had.  Plus, he's very relaxed, so the whole experience is perfect. -- Bill C. (Amherst, MA)

I have fibromyalgia and Michael has a way of working with my body so that I get the therapeutic benefit without any additional discomfort (which sometimes can  happen with massage).  I always leave the table feeling as though I had visited another realm!!!!  He is the best, by far. --Heidi R. (Florence, MA)

I have been seeing Michael for two years now. As a middle aged runner, triathlete, and martial artist I periodically acquire some new ache or strain, and Michael is always able to address these issues successfully - reducing or eliminating the pain, suggesting ways to prevent recurrence, and allowing me to continue to lead the active lifestyle I am so passionate about. I see Michael every other week and, of course, seeing him on a regular basis before issues arise is both pleasurable and therapeutic. -- Richard W. (Amherst, MA)

Michael is a great therapist. I travel internationally quite a bit for work and often return with a stiff back and neck, and also suffer from sports related inuries, and Michael always helped to work out the kinks. He has really good energy and is always very professional and accomodating with his schedule. -- Leslie N. (San Francisco, CA)

Michael is amazing - my only complaint is that I don't go often enough! Michael taps into your own energy flow and works with it;  I have never had massages as relaxing as Michael's. I highly recommend him! -- Karen D. (Amherst, MA)


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